EasyCode is the wide project of information system for taking, processing, recognition and interpretation of visual information. The system is intended for local orientation and gathering visual information. EasyCode provides identification of surrounding objects, their classification and searching of the accessible information on an observable subject or the phenomenon.


SenseLock Wrapper

For developers who protect their .Net programs is a library of classes that facilitate working with the hardware protection key SenseLock. Class Library consists of two C# files (SenseLock and SenseLockDevice), which describes the classes SenseLockDevice (a wrapper for the key SenseLock), and also describes classes Local and Network. The library is distributed freely.



NAVIS is an information system of tracking mobile objects. The system is intended for the control of a site of objects over the map, determined by satellite system of navigation GPS.Navis System provides continuous monitoring transport (or other mobile objects) at small working costs due to use of modern technologies and the professional equipment. Introduction of system - qualitatively new level of management of vehicles and monitoring of mobile objects.